About - Mikel Robinson


I count my days numbered and my steps guided- With hopeful anticipation I look toward home.

My photographs are of another time and place; they are how I document what my eyes have seen, and what my heart remembers. I struggle daily to recall the days before, and sometimes feel I spend all my waking hours simply chasing ghosts. Photographs are my attempt to capture memory and document it with tangible media. Each photograph begins as an original digital image I have taken using a Canon DSLR camera. I print the image onto acid free paper with archival inks using a large format Epson printer. The image is mounted onto a wood panel, stained, and layered with encaustic wax. As I build the surface of each photograph up, parts of the original image are inevitably worn away, leaving a finished photograph that is weathered and aged, much like memories with time.

The next step is to create a unique frame for each photograph, and from the beginning, I am thinking about their relationship; the result being a singular object where each is enhanced by the other. I work almost exclusively with antique materials for the frames because the wood, tin, and other materials I find are already imbued with their own particular history. This history resonates well with the strong narrative and antique quality my images carry.